How to Hack Hormones

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If you have questions about hormones, Alisa Vitti has the answers. Alisa is a world renowned integrative nutritionist and hormone expert. She’s the bestselling author of Woman Code and founder of Flo Living, an online health center where women can get their hormone health questions answered from anywhere in the world. In everything she does, Alisa strives to empower women to better understand their cycles and what their bodies need to thrive through change.

Alisa joined me to share her incredible wisdom on how to reduce hormone symptoms and live your best, healthy life as a woman in any stage of your life. Hormones aren’t important to consider just when you reach menopause – balancing our hormones is a life-long job and Alisa shows there’s never a bad time to explore and understand your hormone health.

A study showed that over 80% of women will experience a hormone imbalance problem. This statistic is what lit Alisa’s fire to create a community. Women often feel underprepared for these issues when they arise and feel like they have nowhere to turn.I personally had an experience where one day, in the middle of a live newscast, I started to feel off…very off. Overheating, disoriented, and deep into a panic attack, I found myself laying on the bathroom floor. I had no idea what was going on with my body and didn’t know where to find answers. Stories just like mine are far too common, so Alisa puts her expertise to use and provides women with that fundamental knowledge that we are never given the opportunity to learn.

In the FLO: Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life covers the science and chemistry behind hormones, but also zooms out and looks at how hormones and their fluctuations can influence every aspect of your life. It is the first book of its kind: a full 360 degree exploration of the topic and straightforward, easy to implement lifestyle changes that will boost your health.

What you'll learn:
  • What is the MyFlo App and how can it help the transition into perimenopause easier?
  • Hear what was most surprising to her during her process of writing her book.
  • What is the Infradian rhythm and why is it just as important to balance as your circadian rhythm?

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