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How to Wear What You Want and Feel Fabulous

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Fashion and style sound similar but they're not the same. Hoping to distinguish the difference in a comprehensive way, Clinton Kelly created a tasty fashion vs style metaphor that foodies will love and wannabe-fashionistas will actually understand. Want to know what it is? 🤤

Clinton Kelly is a TV personality, author and style consultant. For 10 years as the co-host of What Not To Wear, he became embedded in the world of fashion, as he helped and empowered females to make style choices that made them feel good about themselves.

In addition to his delightful metaphor, today we’ll also discuss what he calls adding “style esteem” to your wellness priority list, the most common questions women ask in his style workshops and how your perception of yourself and the world changes as you get older.

When he was younger, Clinton Kelly set aside his dream of becoming a writer, out of fear that the career wouldn't provide a livable income. Instead, he shifted his focus to Journalism and eventually got his start in fashion as an editor for Marie Claire magazine. Years later, he finally surrendered to the muse. He's since published five books, with his most recent being a memoir entitled, "I Hate Everyone, Except You."

“You don't have to like fashion to have a style that works for you." —Clinton Kelly

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