The New Midlife Facelift

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You know I love products, especially ones that work. I also love to know what options are out there to look refreshed and revitalized. Has anyone considered a “mid-life lift?” You know what I’m talking about – undergoing a little cosmetic work to turn back time just a bit.My good friend Dr. Shirley Madhere, founder of Holistic Plastic Surgery, believes that looking younger is not just about going under the knife. She says you can achieve the results you want with a more holistic approach to beauty that includes all facets of wellness.

Dr. Madhere shares what she’s learned over the years as she’s helped countless women look and feel younger. She also answers the age-old question: what products actually work? Dr. Madhere also highlights how vital it is to work on beauty from the inside out – this means feeding your body correctly and prioritizing your sleep and overall health. Dr. Madhere feels like her job is to enhance the beauty already within. She also extends this mission to her podcast, Forever F.A.B, which covers three main components: fashion, the art of living well, and all things beauty.

She tells me it’s never too late to get on the healthier body bandwagon – you don’t need to have started at a younger age to make a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. One of those factors is sleep, and so many things in life make getting a good night’s sleep difficult. Whether it’s busyness at work, family stress, or menopause, sleep is not easy to come by…I have certainly felt that recently. It has been a struggle for me to get into a solid sleep schedule. Dr. Madhere lays out some simple changes you can make, especially in your diet, to help your sleeping habits.We also talked skincare routines. This is something that has gotten more and more important to me over the years. Dr. Madhere points out that there is no magic product – everyone’s skin has different needs. But not to fear, she didn’t leave us hanging! She listed her favorite ingredients (scientifically backed, of course) that she looks for in products: Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.

What you'll learn:
  • Her favorite skincare secrets and regiments!
  • What is Dr. Madhere’s first rule of beauty?
  • Why you should incorporate a facial oil into your routine.

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