How to Survive Menopause

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Got menopause questions? Author of Menopause Confidential, Dr. Tara Allmen has the answers. She joins me to share everything women in their 40s and 50s need to know about their health and how we can thrive in midlife and beyond. These kinds of conversations are so important, but unfortunately, often overlooked. On top of that, they can be frightening and uneasy to broach, until today.

Dr. Allmen, a gynecologist and menopause expert, has led women through their perimenopause (learn all about this!) and menopause journeys. She also hosted “Let’s Talk Menopause,” a documentary providing women with the tools needed to transition into menopause successfully. It covers common symptoms, changes you’ll experience, and what your options are to treat them.

She also touches on approaching midlife women’s health in the right way and the healthy way. She gives us her “What to Expect when You’re NOT Expecting” talk – one we never get elsewhere. She covers the necessary changes in your habits, the hormone replacement consideration, recognizing the symptoms not usually discussed, and the importance of feeling fully supported by doctors.

In “Let’s Talk Menopause” Dr. Allmen brings down the barriers surrounding menopause and midlife health in a brilliant way. Have you ever been part of a Hot Flash Party?! Me either until watching the documentary! The documentary consists of experts, real women sharing their experiences, and a healthy dose of humor. She describes the incredible reaction she got from women all over the country and the phone calls that started flooding in. It just goes to show how many women felt, like I did, overwhelmed with unanswered questions.

What you'll learn:
  • Lifestyle changes you can make right now to make your experience with menopause and the side effects of menopause easier.
  • Why you should do some doctor shopping once you reach menopause. Hint: Start with the North American Menopause Society.
  • Why you should throw yourself a disco dance party when you turn 50!
  • The importance of putting yourself (and your health) at the top of your to-do list.

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