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From Failures to Fab

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I love Melissa Meyers because of her continued resilience through hardships. She’s an entrepreneur at heart, and like many entrepreneurs, failed many times before finding her sweet spot of success. It’s how she kept getting up and chasing her dreams that inspires me most.

Now, Melissa is defying the norms as a social media influencer over the age of 50 and does so with a certain “glow” as founder of The Glow Girl lifestyle blog. Her platform is a great source of tips, product lists, and advice on beauty, wellness, and feeling younger while still being proud of your age. She joins me to share her tips for feeling revitalized in life and how she approached becoming an influencer in her prime years. Hear all about her blueprint of how to navigate the changes that come with reinvention, while still keeping your “glow” throughout it all.

She also tells me the story behind building her brand as an influencer in her prime years over the past 10 years. Get this: she feels better in her 50s than she felt in her 30s on every level, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She said finding her footing in midlife took a lot of trial and error, nothing came together overnight.

One time, my cousin said to me “today is our one day.” And it stuck with me, it’s so true. Growing up we always said “one day” when talking about goals and dreams. Melissa believes in this saying wholeheartedly and focuses on our current moment; you have to be happy with who you are today. This was one of the reasons she started her blog.When she moved to California, she noticed there were all these women who were bloggers, but she realized how over-edited and curated they looked. She wanted to be the opposite. She wanted to be candid, approachable, and relatable, because so many women are going through these struggles and ask the same questions, but have nowhere to turn.

What you'll Learn:
  • How to move past feeling lost when facing your next reinvention in life.
  • What you should know about natural makeup.
  • What wellness habits she has adopted to make the most of her midlife chapter

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