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Stacy London is the CEO of State Of Menopause, an online resource and shop aimed at making womens’ menopause journeys easier. Stacy joins me to share her mission of helping people from suffering silently, raising their confidence and self-esteem by alleviating symptoms, and removing the shame that can surround menopause. We got really candid about the "M-word" - menopause.

You may know Stacy from her makeover days as host of What Not to Wear, but what you may not know is that Stacy was suffering from some severe menopausal symptoms, and worse, she faced these changes feeling alone, helpless, and ashamed. She didn’t want to let other women experience menopause in the same way.

Stacy shares how she stepped into her next chapter in life as CEO of State Of Menopause and connecting women in need with products that offer rapid relief from some of the very same menopausal symptoms she endured.

When Stacy first started experiencing her symptoms, she didn’t even realize what was going on. She had just gone through two huge life changes: a major spine surgery and the death of her father. So she thought her symptoms came out of her grief and recovery, not menopause. Once she realized what was going on, she became one of today’s strongest advocates for menopause education and awareness. She felt it was time for menopause to get a makeover!

That makeover has been all about removing the shame and isolation typically associated with the topic of menopause. She helps create a space where people who feel alone can get the information and support they need. State of Menopause has a wide range of products that target symptoms and help treat changes we notice in our bodies.

  • Stacy’s tips for unlocking your bold she learned from beginning her new chapter as CEO.
  • How to age gracefully and embrace what getting older brings.
  • What State of Menopause’s products can help you with.

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