Hi! I’m Tamsen.

You probably know me as a journalist, an author, or your big sister on social media. But, at my core, I’m a storyteller, sharing true tales of hope and resiliency. Here’s mine.

Tamsen Fadal
Tamsen Fadal and friends

My mission is to empower women through menopause and other midlife changes.

Women everywhere are taught that their stock goes down as their age goes up. But life’s not over at 50.

I partner with powerful and honest women so that we can shift our collective perspective on midlife. You can set audacious goals at 50 and beyond. Change your career. Unlock your bold. Discover something beautiful that’s been hidden within you for decades.

Now’s our time to thrive.

The New Menopause Movement

Is it hot in here, or have I been scrolling on TikTok for a little too long? There’s a movement happening on TikTok: women in menopause are sharing their experiences more openly than ever before and creating conversation with real impact.

When I got real about my own menopause story on social media I realized there is a whole community of women just like me.

Clearly, we wanted to talk about it. I’m no doctor or menopause expert, but I am a journalist. So I brought together the top voices in the TikTok menopause movement for #MenopauseTok: a week-long virtual gathering of education and inspiration for women tackling this universal experience.

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Joining the Fight against Breast Cancer

After losing my mother in 1990 and my stepmother in 2022 to breast cancer, I joined forces with leading organizations to save lives by building awareness around this disease. I work with Let’s Talk Menopause and Breast Cancer Research Foundation and I’m a National Board Member of Best Buddies International.

Tamsen Explains How it all Started

Covering Hurricane Sandy, the Columbia Shuttle crash, and the Afghanistan war earned me 13 Emmy awards.

But I was gifted with something far more precious: stories. Stories of women and families behind the headlines. The women faced tragedy and change with astounding courage.  I brought their stories into their homes and hearts on the evening news. These brave souls inspired me to empower women everywhere to stand up for what they believed in, be true to themselves, and embrace change.
-Recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor (medalists include US presidents, world leaders, Nobel Prize winners, and leaders of media, education, the arts, sports, and government)

-Named a “Power Woman” by Moves magazine
  -National honor by the Soldiers’, Sailors’,Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club Media Award for work overseas with our troops in 2014

- Broadcast Journalismaward in 2004 from the National Air Disaster Foundation post-9/11 for contributions leading to improved aviation safety

-Outstanding Young Alumnus Award Recipient by the University of South Florida  

Tamsen Fadal with journalists

Facing my own change– live on camera.

That evening in the newsroom began without a hitch. That is, until I looked at the teleprompter and found myself stumbling through the words. I felt a flood of anxiety rush over me, broke into a sweat, and couldn’t sit up straight. Half-jokingly, I said, “If I fall over, somebody catch me.” One of my colleagues had the foresight to walk me to the bathroom, where I collapsed. I laid there with my cheek against the cold tile floor. For the first time in 25 years, I didn’t finish the newscast, thanks to what I eventually learned was a hot flash. This vulnerable moment was the catalyst for one of my life’s greatest endeavors.

My Gratitude Wall

Here’s a snapshot of some of the brilliant people I’m lucky enough to do this work with.

My Gratitude Wall

Here’s a snapshot of some of the brilliant people I’m lucky enough to do this work with.