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menopause advocate, Emmy Award winning TV journalist & Author

Tamsen is a menopause advocate, TV host and co-producer of the documentary, The M Factor: Shredding the Silence on Menopause (PBS 2024).

She uses her platform to share stories about menopause, career shifts, and relationships in midlife. After turning 50, Tamsen went back to school and is a certified health coach...

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The M Factor Documentary

The M Factor: Shredding the Silence on Menopause" confronts the neglected menopause crisis, challenging societal and medical shortcomings, and advocating for a revolutionary approach to women's health in America.

This feature-length documentary film centers on the lived experiences of women across the US and their physician advocates.
Cameras follow women in their doctor’s office, at work, and in their homes to expose the challenges they face during this life transition.
Co-produced and co-executive produced by Tamsen Fadal.
Airing on PBS, October 18, 2024

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