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How List-Making Can Be Your SUPERPOWER with Paula Rizzo

March 1, 2024

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There are two types of people in this world: List-Makers and Non-List-Makers. I'm a list maker. Around my desk you'll find a dozen small pieces of paper with lists written on them. It can be your superpower to help you get organized and stay productive as you plan for your next chapter - whatever it may be.And, guess what? List-making can be fun too, as Paula Rizzo will tell you! Paula is an author, speaker, media trainer, and productivity expert. Her books Listful Thinking and ListfulLiving provide tips on boosting your productivity to become more successful and less stressed. She joins me to share tips for getting unstuck, boosting our productivity, and showing up as our best selves on camera.

Paula’s background as a television producer meant her job was to always keep shows on track. This showed her first-hand how important it was to keep your thoughts organized. To-do lists go beyond just what you check off. Sure, it could be something as simple as “pick up more almond milk.” But, the meaning of the list goes far beyond these to-dos, it becomes an exercise of intention and efficiency.

As a media coach and productivity expert, Paula helps people find their message to the world. We often have blindspots, and she helps us see around them. At the end of the day, your message can’t be fed to you by someone else, you have to find what makes you get out of bed in the morning. Especially with the pandemic, we are more now than ever, our own producers. In fact, Paula calls the pandemic “the great equalizer” because of the way the quarantine forced us to take on new roles in life.


  • Why you should write yourself a letter to read one year from now.
  • How to get out of that in-between, limbo phase of life where you know you’re ready for a change but unsure of how to start it.
  • The importance of practice in unlocking your bold.

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