Jonathan Fields Shares His Good Life Project

March 1, 2024

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As I'm talking to people about their next chapters, one thing that keeps coming up is that they want to live a good live in which they feel fulfilled. Perhaps they spent years in a career that wasn't purposeful, or they've recently found a new interest they feel is their calling. Whatever the reason is, when we reassess our paths in life, we often think about what it means to live a life that is truly good.

Jonathan Fields knows what it takes to live a better life. He's' the founder of The Good Life Project, a robust community that provides the tools you need to build a better life. He's also the host of the popular Good Life Project Podcast and a bestselling author.

Jonathan introduced the concept of "sparkatypes" -these are the which are 10 archetypes of behaviors and preferences, and he has an assessment where you can learn your sparkatype. They represent unique sets of behaviors, tendencies, and preferences. Find your sparkatype!

He believes we can leverage our sparkatypes to notice opportunities all around us to align our work with our true nature.

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