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Hi, I’m Tamsen– a menopause advocate and an Emmy Award winning TV journalist + podcast host.

Spoiler: life’s not over at 50.
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Honest Conversations on Midlife, Menopause, and Embracing Change
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Developing an Ageless Brain

Watch my chat with Jim Kwik, the world’s #1 brain coach and author of “Limitless.” He shares how you can develop an ageless brain! He talks how to keep your brain young, how to preserve strong memory, and get Jim’s top tips on how to be a lifelong learner.


Thriving Through Transition

Joan Lunden and I took some time to chat about aging (I confessed my fears of 50 to her) and how to overcome self-doubt and instead embrace your self-confidence. You may know Joan Lunden as a former co-host on Good Morning America for nearly two decades, making her the longest running female host ever on early morning television. But it’s how Joan continued to be fearless after GMA that stands that makes her such a rockstar to me.


Making the State of Menopause Easier

Stacy London, CEO of State Of Menopause, joins me to share her mission of helping people from suffering silently, raising their confidence and self-esteem by alleviating symptoms, and removing the shame that can surround menopause.


The Black Girl's Guide: Surviving Menopause

Omisade Burney-Scott is the creator of The Black Girl’s Guide to Surviving Menopause, a multimedia project that curates and shares the stories of black women over 50. I love that Omisade and I share something important in common: our belief in the power of storytelling. Omisade joins me to share more about her social justice mission creating a community for those who need it most.


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