It's Time To Embrace the Superage with Bradley Schurman

March 1, 2024

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I have to admit that I haven’t always so secure and confident in my age. For a long time, I feared aging. I felt like my worthwas on the decline, and I would just never be as good as I was in my 20s and 30s. Sound familiar? Yeah, it's something that's in a lot of our heads ... you're not alone. 

Bradley Schurman says quite the opposite. He believes that people over 65, what he calls “the super age,” are the most valuable population to businesses, and they’re being massively underserved right now. 

He's the Founder and CEO of The Super Age, a company helping organizations understand the challenges of an aging population and how to serve and better utilize this generation. He's also the author of the book “The Super Age,” and I love our conversation because he drops so many facts about how valuable being over 50 and over 60 is. 

So, what exactly is the super age? Well, it's a term Bradley coined to describe the increasing number of people over the age of 65. By the end of this decade, one out of every five Americans will fall into that age bracket. Can you believe it? 

We also discussed the workplace; it's where we spend most of our time, right? Unfortunately, many feel aged out and invisible as they approach retirement age. But guess what? The tide is turning. In a recent jobs report, it was revealed that all the growth in hiring came from people over the age of 45. It's a shift we've been waiting for, and it's finally happening!  

Bradley gave some incredible advice for those of us who maybe feeling uncertain about our place in the workplace. He stressed the importance of having open conversations with employers about transitioning out and exploring flexible work arrangements. We can pass on our wisdom and knowledge while still retaining our positions.

Let's embrace the super age with open arms! We're living in an era of endless possibilities, where age is no longer a barrier. Our best days are still ahead of us, and we have so much to contribute.

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