50 Is The New 50 with Pro-age Advocate and Founder of Goodbye Crop Top Wendy Euler

March 1, 2024

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Is it too bold to say that 50 is the new 50? Or maybe it's not bold enough.

Pro-age advocate and founder of Goodbye Crop Top, Wendy Euler, shares why she has a positive mindset when it comes to aging and all about the community she has built with Goodbye Crop Top.

Wendy and I talked about embracing age and defying societal norms. She believes that 50 is not the new 40—it's the new 50,and that's something worth celebrating! Wendy started her movement because she noticed a lack of conversation around ageism and the pressure to conform to anti-aging ideals. She's anti-antiaging, and I couldn't agree more!

Recently, Wendy's mission caught the attention of The Washington Post; the article titled "Why Women Need to Ignore Societal Messages about Growing Older" struck a chord with so many of us. Wendy's positive message about embracing age and defying invisibility is spreading like wildfire. 

Here is what we talked about:

  • Why she know that we have to change the conversation around aging
  • How the name Goodbye Crop Top was born (omg I love this story!)
  • What you can do to help spread the message that aging is a privilege

Listen to our conversation or watch it on YouTube.

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