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Makeup For Mature Skin with Laura Geller!

March 1, 2024

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“If you want it, go get it!” That’s Laura Geller’s advice for tapping into your bold and embarking on your next chapter in your career. She says it doesn’t matter what obstacles you face. If you keep going after what you want, you’ll get there.Laura sees herself as living proof of that idea. She is founder of Laura Geller Beauty and has spent her career making make-up work for real women. Over 20 years ago, she launched her own beauty brand on QVC. Since its launch, it has become a household name and makes up some of QVC’s best-selling beauty products.

Laura joined me to talk about her bold entrepreneurial journey, overcoming professional fears and hurdles, and her inspiring work empowering women over 40. Every facet of Laura Geller Beauty is about making midlife women feel seen – they don’t just feature young models. Laura wanted to show that makeup is for everyone, at any stage of your life. You don’t have to be a certain age to feel pretty.When you do your makeup are you standing or are you sitting? Laura says take a seat! You will be more relaxed, and your process will be easier and less stressful. She also says to sit by a nice window or make your favorite cup of tea, everything to keep doing your makeup enjoyable and about treating yourself.

These are the Bolden Years, like the Golden Years, for women taking bigger and better steps into new careers. Laura is a prime example of this; she has reached her best years later in life, and she shows no signs of pumping the breaks. She found her bold in life from the love of what she does and not letting others saying “you can’t have that” from stopping her.

What you'll learn:

  • Makeup tips that keep you looking ageless!
  • What is Laura’s 3 Es philosophy?
  • How to follow your mission, even if it goes in the face of societal expectations.
  • Bonus Lesson: The power of personal fans!

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