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How To Fix Your Diet and Stop Weight Gain in Menopause | Dr. Anna Cabeca

March 1, 2024

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We all need that girlfriend we can talk to about everything–sex, love, health, and, of course, menopause. Dr. Anna Cabeca is a board-certified OBGYN and hormone expert. She’s the author of “The Hormone Fix” and now “MenuPause” a cookbook featuring nutritious recipes that support a healthy diet and lifestyle in menopause.

When I talk to Dr. Cabeca, she truly feels like one of my girlfriends and I get so much great information from her. She’s a truepower house—a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and a trusted resource for women navigating the ups and downs of menopause. Her personal journey from infertility and early menopause to discovering answers and transforming her own health is truly inspiring. 

She emphasizes the importance of trusting our intuition, listening to our bodies, and holding onto hope. Menopause is a transition, and she believes that we can embrace it with grace.

Dr. Cabeca introduced me to her "keto green lifestyle." It's more than just a diet—it's a holistic way of living. She explained menopausal physiological changes, such as increased insulin resistance and cortisol levels, and how diet strategies can counteract these. More specifically, she recommends strategies like intermittent fasting, cutting back on sugar and carbs, and saying goodbye to mindless snacking.

One thing I truly appreciated about Dr. Cabeca's perspective was her belief in the power of cultural diversity. She highlighted how different cultures have their unique ways of embracing menopause, and she hopes to change the conversation around it. She even shared some interesting insights from the Japanese culture, where they refer to menopause as the "Second Spring." I’ll bet you’ve never heard that before!

Listen to our conversation or watch it on YouTube. 

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