How to Redefine Your Life After 50 with David Stewart

March 1, 2024

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Did you know that soon enough, midlife will be 90-100 years old? Say what?! This changes everything... how taxes will work, how we'll manage social security, and much more.

David Stewart is the founder of AGEIST, a media company dedicated to redefine life after 50 by highlighting the vibrancy, influence, and contributions of those in this age group. His work answers the question of “what should life look like after 50?” He shows that life after 50 doesn’t have to mean retirement or slowing down. AGEIST tells the stories of people who are doing amazing things in every chapter of their lives and he incorporates his decades-long background as a photographer to help tell people’s stories.

David started this venture because of the attitude he saw towards people over 50. Everyone at that age was seen as a health problem that needed a solution, and he did not like how that mindset medicalized and infantilized him. He decided instead to showcase positive role models that go against this sentiment that your abilities dwindle with age. The best way we can learn is from the stories of others, my experience as a journalist speaks to that.

In addition, he shares how human longevity is increasing - the fastest growing demographic is people over 80! He says this is because we are learning to take better care of ourselves and how it is never too early to start increasing your brain health. Lots of new research is coming out now about what factors contribute to your brain health and ability to live well...thing exercise and community ties. He talks more about the growing number of people in the 50+ demographic and the impact it has on brands, businesses, and our lives as a whole.


  • How you can increase your brain health and longevity.
  • The importance of diversity in age and how we can learn from younger generations.
  • What our economy is going to look like as “midlife” takes on a whole new meaning.

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