Have You Heard of the Little Pink Pill? HerMD's Dr. Somi Javaid Talks Sexual Health in Menopause

March 1, 2024

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I don’t tend to talk about my sex life. But that’s changing now. Here’s why: we've all heard of the little blue pill, but have you heard about the little PINK pill

I sat down with Dr. Somi Javaid, a board certified OBGYN and the founder of HerMD, which provides women with comprehensive healthcare, including sexual wellness. 

She shares her knowledge and the resources available to us when it comes to our sexualhealth and why it's time we focus more on it.

Driven by her own experiences and a passion for women's health, Dr. Javaid has built a thriving practice dedicated to empowering women in their menopause journey.

We explored the transformative impact of HerMD, which began as a single location in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has rapidly expanded due to the overwhelming demand for comprehensive menopause care.

The little pink pill, called Addyi, is a non-hormonal oral medication that addresses arousal disorders and libido issues. Yes, there is medication on the markethelping women in menopause up their sex drive. But a lot of us haven't heard about it. And many doctors aren't offering it up.

I haven’t ever been offered the little pink pill by my doctors, even though a decreased sex drive is one of the menopause symptoms I’ve experienced. Listen or watch for the full conversation; we explore her journey, the expansion of HerMD, and the significance of the little pink pill in transforming women's sexual health during menopause.

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