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How to Break Bad Habits with VibrantDoc Dr. Stacie Stephenson

June 20, 2024

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How to Break Bad Habits with VibrantDoc Dr. Stacie Stephenson

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Let's be real...most of us have bad habits. Maybe we like to snack a little too much while sitting in front of the TV at night. Or maybe we've developed a bit of a dependency on coffee and want to roll back on the 6 cups a day.Well there's one great way to break a bad habit fast: start by cutting it in half. I learned this great advice from Dr. Stacie Stephenson, author of Vibrant: A Groundbreaking Program to Get Energized, Own Your Health, and Glow. Stacie is a pioneer in integrative and regenerative medicine. She is also the CEO of VibrantDoc, a health and wellness venture. Her mission has been to help people create vibrant health from within to help prevent chronic disease and recover from illness naturally. She is all about a more holistic approach to self care.

We talked about what it takes to boost your wellness, how to reframe your thoughts around menopause and start preventing symptoms before they start, and what it means to live vibrantly. She tells me about how to start by taking easy, small alterations, especially in your diet. She cautions against quitting anything cold turkey, but instead aim for a little bit of change….not perfection.

Part of our health as we age is menopause. It’s often something nobody wants to talk about above a whisper. But Stacie reminds me that it is not a disease - it is a natural series of changes your body undergoes. It is also something you can be proactive about with self-cafe.

Ultimately, she explains that menopause and the struggles that may come with it should never be embarrassing - we all go through it even if it might look different on me than on you. Especially as we move closer to 2025, where 1 billion women worldwide will be menopausal, candid conversations are more important than ever.


  • Where to begin on your self-care regimen.
  • How Stacie cut out a big habit in her!
  • The three foundational pillars to pre-menopause care: diet, exercise, and relationships.

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