How To Shatter the Taboo of Menopause with Natalie Waltz

March 1, 2024

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Natalie Waltz is the founder & CEO of Tabu, a platform that celebrates feminine wellness as we age. She joins me to tell us more about why menopause is still such a sore subject for many and how we can reframe our thoughts and empower women to live their best and healthiest lives. There is also such a lack of clarity around the symptoms and experiences of menopause. Women often feel unsupported by society, medical professionals, and their family and friends alike. Natalie advocates that it is time to ask the questions we have, instead of locking this experience away and never seeking the support we need.

This conversation is particularly vital right now because of a recent Bloomberg article I read. And it shocked me. It reported that found that millions of women are leaving the workforce right now due to a little talked about reason, menopause. So it begged the question of why is such a large, widespread issue being talked about so little? Natalie joined me to tackle this question.

She also shares why your age should no longer define what you can do with your life. In fact, she says we need to stop saying "act your age." As we’ve progressed, this phrase has meant less and less. We’ve grown past that as a culture. Natalie points out that there are brilliant women in their 602 and 70s who are starting careers for the first time or opening new businesses. Women are wealthier, healthier, and more powerful now than at any point in history. However, the fear of hearing "act your age" still holds some of us back from unlocking our bold and embarking on that next chapter.

We talk about what it takes to boldly embark on what's next, no matter what others may think of you. We're seeing women reinventing themselves in all sorts of ways. It's been shown time and time again that age alone should not be a factor that holds you back, and new beginnings have no expiration date.


  • How she broke the stigma of openly discussing sexual wellness as we get older.
  • How candid discussions about menopause can take your relationships to a new level, creating more understanding and a deeper bond.
  • What Tabu can do for you and how it supports your health and comfort.

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