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How To Start Living With Integrity & Let Go of Fear with Martha Beck

March 1, 2024

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Martha Beck is a Harvard-trained sociologist who may be best known as Oprah’s life coach and author of "The Way of Integrity," asked me a question that I did not expect.

She asked “what do you YEARN for?”

Yearn for? Uh, big life question, no? When sharing my answer, I definitely started to sweat a little, but it felt so good saying my true desires out loud and hearing Martha affirm them for me. It can be vulnerable looking at such big picture life questions, but also so important.

Martha is a true guru when it comes to helping people discover their purpose.We talked about how many of us feel lost in midlife, but how we should use that feeling as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and create an integrity-filled life we truly want to live. Integrity isn't just about telling the truth, Martha told me, it's about being whole and undivided within ourselves and not living life based on others’ expectations.


Here are four steps Martha says you can implement right now to start finding yourself:

1.    Take time to reflect on and list what you want most in life

2.    Be honest with yourself and others, even if it feels uncomfortable. It is always worth it.

3.    Stand up to your fears. Challenge yourself to do 3 things that scare or overwhelm you!

4.    Let go of false beliefs and behaviors that don't align with your values; you never want to be living just to please someone else’s expectations.


I am so excited for you to watch and listen to this one – I loved my conversation with Martha. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook and let me know what you think! 

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