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Menopause & Sex Life with Amy Buckalter

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Amy Buckalter, is the mastermind behind Pulse, had her "aha" moment during her own menopausal journey when she realized the lack of innovative solutions available for women. That's when she decided to shake things up and transform the whole experience.

Pulse is a sleek and discreet device that brings warmth and convenience to your lubricant routine.No more dealing with messy tubes or cold applications – it's time for a majorupgrade.

And the best part? Pulse has caught the attention of major retailers like Nordstrom, goop, Saks, and Bloomingdale's. Finally, menopause and sexual wellness are getting the recognition they deserve as important aspects of beauty and self-care. 

Amy's vision for Pulse goes beyond its current success. She's determined to extend this touchless,hygienic technology to other personal care categories, such as baby care, men's grooming, skincare, and wound care.


What we talked about:

·     The booming business of Menopause

·     Why it’s time for a major upgrade in the bedroom

·     Amy Buckalter’s aha moment which lead to her creating Pulse

·     Why major department stores are paying attention to women’s sexual wellness


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